Since 2009, Modoboa provides an easy way to deploy and manage a complete mail hosting platform based on open source components only: postfix, dovecot, amavis and more.
Modoboa is designed for everyone but sometimes, the help of a professional and qualified team is necessary because email is the heart of today's communication and your needs might be more or less complex.


Ngynlabs is a company specialized in Modoboa services: consulting, support, installation, update and additional developments. It is led by Antoine Nguyen, founder and current leader of Modoboa.

Ensure sustainability of your activity

Modoboa is and will always stay a free software. By choosing to host your emails yourself, you regain control of your data and your private life. By choosing our professional assistance, you ensure the future of this project at the same time.

Our services

We can help you at different levels

Fresh Install

Standard Modoboa installation on a fresh system.


Standard update of Modoboa to a newer version.

Support ticket

Consult the team to solve an issue on your installation.

What our clients
say about us

Its been a pleasure working with Antoine and deploying Modoboa on hundreds of mailservers - & counting.

Pavin Joseph Founder, Mailcheap

Modoboa is flexible and it covers most use cases in everyday life. It has a vivid community and it constantly keeps getting better. Which is hard. It already is the best Open Source mail administration frontend I know.

Patrick Ben Koetter CEO, sys4 AG

We selected Modoboa over many other options. Had them setup our mailserver through a semi-formal process. They provided cost estimate on our written requirements. Implementation was completed in time and within estimates. Very satisfied by their professional services.

Rama Kant VeeV